15th Ward Speed Hump Request

Update: There was a request on nearly every block, so they are doing a speed study and prioritizing. It should be completed by Spring.

One of the projects approved by residents in 15th Ward Participatory Budgeting were Speed Humps. Many residents have inquired about how to get a speed hump on their block. If you would like to see if your block is eligible for a speed hump, please fill our the form below.

Requests for speed humps will be cross referenced with accident data and CSB request data and be rank ordered from most problematic to least problematic. Starting with the most problematic blocks, the streets department will have to come out and conduct a speed study. Only blocks with average sustained speeds of 5 mph or more over the speed limit are eligible for speed humps.

Funds for speed humps will become available with the 2020 budget that starts on July 1st and be installed fall of 2019 or Spring of 2020.



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