Aviation assets: The view from 35,000 feet

The decision to let Rex Sinquefield fund the airport privatization study wasn’t about a lack of money. When we asked ourselves if turnstiles would be good on our MetroLink stations, we found $3.6 million through local match and a federal grant to help us answer that question. Letting Sinquefield fund the study is about letting special interests ask the questions, and then answer them.

I have traveled extensively throughout the world on business. I’ve seen first-hand major airports such as Tokyo’s Narita, London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam’s Schiphol. There is no doubt that Lambert should be improved to compete with these world-class airports.

But who should be in charge of bringing our regional aviation assets into the world market? Planning for our future should be done with objectivity and vision and, most importantly, with the best interest of the region, not special interest groups. And certainly not at the direction of our region’s most prolific campaign contributor. This is a 100-year decision. We can’t afford to botch it.



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