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It’s time I re-committed to blogging, so I hunted down my old version MarsEdit 3 license, uninstalled the Apple Store version, downloaded the new version again and upgraded to Version 4. Not sure all that was worth the $25 I saved, but I don’t have $25 to waste.

I also subscribed to so I have a place to put all my posts. I’ll sort them via RSS later. It also auto-tweets and POSTS TO LINKEDIN. lol

I am for hire, but I’d much rather you bought an ad on

When I included a link to, it went there from the tweet. I linked to a St. Louis Magazine article and it sends one back to my Wondering if it’s because I have Open Graph, etc tags on stlouist…. 

A few more posts/tweets and I guess WE will find out. :)

Thanks for reading. Sorry/NotSorry to my readers. It’ll be fab. I don’t know what to tell you LinkedIn folks.

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