Better Together plans for lawsuits; Chesterfield considers seceding from St. Louis County

Better Together staff said they expect legal challenges by April 1.

On Monday, Better Together announced an initiative to gather at least 160,199 signatures to place on the November 2020 statewide ballot a measure to merge St. Louis and St. Louis County.

The move, if passed by voters, would combine under one metro city the police departments, court systems, roadways, regional planning and zoning, and economic development arms of the city, county and all 88 county municipalities. County municipalities could continue to exist, but with severely restricted authority.

Better Together sent its initiative petition to the Missouri secretary of state’s office on Monday, just hours after it unveiled its plan to the public at a ceremony stacked with St. Louis civic celebrities at the Cheshire hotel on the city-county line.

The 23-page petition now travels a path defined by state law.


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