Better Together Is Using Magic Numbers to Force a Merger. How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Consolidation is not an evil goal. Reasonable people will differ on much of what Better Together seeks to do. I support the notion of a more unified St. Louis; I’ve publicly advocated a city-county merger for three decades. Eliminating the city’s idiotic structure as both a city and county would certainly cut waste.

But reality still matters. So does truth. And both are presently in short supply. Better Together continues to blast away — to an obedient mainstream media — with unsubstantiated claims about costs savings and imaginary regionalism. True, these might lack the hallucinatory extremes of the warped population math, but the central theme is pervasive: Trust us, St. Louis.

And better yet, trust Rex Sinquefield, the quasi-billionaire who has all the answers for fixing all our problems and has pledged to spend tens of millions to have his way. How much of this is actually driven quietly by Sinquefield’s twin passions of airport privatization and eliminating earnings taxes?




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