Blake Brokaw to launch new event series at Earthbound Beer

Veteran chef Blake Brokaw is back in St. Louis after more than a decade away and set to launch two new events at Earthbound Beer. “I hate to call them pop-ups,” he says. “It’s more like temporary insanity.”

The first event will be a Sunday Supper on July 21. The chef describes the menu as “country food,” with such items as chicken and dumplings, red beans and rice, and cucumber salad. “Kind of like my nan used to do it,” Brokaw says. “A couple of hearty main dishes but then everything from the garden, very fresh sides.”Further down the line, he's planning a series of ticketed events, with the first taking place over Labor Day weekend. There will be “big, long tables, different seatings with everything served family-style,” he says. “People will sit together and pass the peas.” The plan is to focus on a different “peasant” cuisine each time, with the first event to showcase Sicilian food. Subsequent installments might cover German or rustic French fare.

Brokaw calls the forthcoming series “Peasant Food for Peasants,” with the name referring to the events being affordable, something he says will also apply to the Sunday Suppers. He’s striving to limit the price point for both events to around $25. He also plans to offer a "kids' menu" for diners between ages 17 and 23. “I’d like to give them an incentive to try something different, something they may not have tried before,” Brokaw says.


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