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Board of Freeholders

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A Message From the Mayor

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I learned that the Municipal League of Metro St Louis has filed petition signatures with the City  Election Boards to establish a Board of Freeholders.  The petition signatures have been submitted in 3 ‘batches’, and more may be submitted.

The City Election Board is in the process of certifying the signatures received to date -  it is not clear when that will be complete, but it could be soon.

Once a sufficient number of signatures are certified, the Mo Constitution gives me 10 days to appoint 9 members, who must then be approved by the Board of Aldermen within the same 10 day period.  This is a legal requirement, not optional!

I am committed to nominating  a panel of diverse, knowledgeable, caring, and thoughtful City voters, who are committed to providing equitable and enhanced economic opportunities, and safer neighborhoods for all.

If you are interested in serving, please complete the application and return it to You may also mail or bring it to my office at City Hall, Room 200.  

For your reference, I have included the state statutes governing the powers and responsibilities of the Board of Freeholders, as well as information about the process.

This is a unique opportunity to serve our City. Please give it some thought and volunteer if you are able. The time commitment is estimated to be 5+/- hours per week for up to a year.

Thank you for your consideration and quick response if you are interested in serving.


Lyda Krewson
Mayor – St Louis



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