Brewery shenanigans, an angry lioness, and a bit of monkeying around at Lemp's Park

High spirits and Victorian amusements make for colorful history in Benton Park.

Due to recent headlines, I thought I’d see if there were any historical “beer barons behaving badly” stories. There were the usual colorful accounts from the 1920s, mainly of breweries during Prohibition selling beer that was too high in alcohol content. I found a tale or two of shady licenses for some taverns (before the outlawing of intoxicating spirits, bars had allegiances to particular breweries). And there was an occasional arrest of a brewery heir for, say, carrying a concealed revolver at a ward meeting. But the stories that captured my attention revolved around the private amusement spectacle at Lemp’s Park, just north of the brewery at the corner of Lemp and Utah avenues.


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