A 'broadside attack': Critics alarmed over proposed changes to Missouri Sunshine Law

That vote came amid scandal over Greitens and his staff’s use of the Confide app.

“At that point there was some really strong interest in enforcement of the Sunshine Law,” said Jean Maneke, counsel for the Missouri Press Association. “But this is definitely a turn — 180 degrees — in the other direction.”

The push to restrict certain records comes three months after voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 1, a constitutional change that subjects legislators to the Sunshine Law.

The House voted last month to change its operating rules to tighten access to records, but observers questioned whether the House had the ability to legally avoid the constitutional requirements through a rule change.

Now, lawmakers are attempting to change the Sunshine Law.

Because the change to the law applies to members of a “public governmental body,” opponents worry the change would tighten access to information at the local level on up.



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