From Burgers to Tacos, Utah Station Offers Vegan Versions of Classic Comfort Foods in Benton Park

A new casual plant-forward eatery recently debuted in South City. Utah Station opened in Benton Park on Aug. 8 in a restored former service station, cooking up vegan comfort food including pizzas, sandwiches and more with housemade vegan “meats.”

“Basically, we took a standard menu that would have 90 percent meat and fish options and 10 percent vegan options, and we reversed that,” says executive chef Chris Bertke, who adopted a vegan diet 26 years ago. “We’re doing 90 percent vegan items and 10 percent meat items.”

Bertke, a St. Louis native who has cooked in a number of local kitchens – most recently for a high-end catering business – partners with owner Carrie Bauer for the concept. According to Bertke, Bauer also operates two restaurants with her husband at the City Museum.


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