Captain's Blog 08-01-20

New Format

I’ve starting writing my posts in Markdown, so we’re going to see how that goes.

I really dig the simplicity of writing in Markdown, I just have to get used to it.

Also, I have a SHITLOAD of stuff. This may be the only way I can organize it.

Back to basics, deluxe. See the Mermaid Chart below.

If you click on Read Markdown on this page you can see how simple the code is.


This post and hopefully posts going forward are being produced on my Mac with Hugo and posted as static files. and electroponix pull the stories from here and turn them into nodes.

Those nodes are updated via RSS.

My current is running Ghost.

My previous is running Drupal.

8/1/20, 3:32 PM

Making sure this updates on the stLouIST site and testing the other embeds.

The Mermaid code didn’t come over, meaning you can only see it on the blog site and not the RSS import. I can customize the RSS output, which is down the road. I am still putting base clippings together in BBedit.


One of my 1st YouTube Videos with my buddy Steve Pounders.


My last human handshake.