🏴‍☠️ Captain’s Blog - 12/12/20 Morning Edition

🏴‍☠️ Captain’s Blog - 12/12/20

🌎 Planet News

  • Haste makes waste: The Trump EPA’s 1,4-dioxane supplement may be its shoddiest TSCA work yet: Environmental Defense
  • D.C. Regulators Approve Advanced Leak Detection Program, an Important First Step to Reduce Methane Pollution: Environmental Defense
  • Breaking: SCOTUS Rejects Texas Suit: Talking Points Memo
  • The Next Pandemic Could Come From an American Factory Farm: VICE US

🏪 Business

📲 Tech

  • Strategically Designed Bracelet That Doubles as a Flask: Laughing Squid

📲 Software

  • Even QAnon Is Abandoning Parler, the Far-Right’s Answer to TwitterVICE

🌊 Drifts

  • The History of the Planet Mandalore Explained: Laughing Squid
  • Hobbyist Cryptographers Seemingly Solve Infamous Zodiac Killer Cipher: VICE

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