🏴‍☠️ Captain’s Blog - 2020-350-PM Edition

Working the workflow.

Have # ⏳ STLduJour on Hugo now, too.

Next will be to customize/finalize templates and RSS

🌎 Planet News

🚀 Space

  • Launch startup Astra’s rocket reaches space: TechCrunch
  • Removing space debris requires action and caution: TechCrunch
  • Japan’s space agency shows off samples collected from asteroid Ryugu: Engadget

📲 Tech

  • Robomart launches its mobile convenience store in beta for West Hollywood residents: TechCrunch
  • Inside Zoox’s six-year ride from prototype to product: TechCrunch
  • Twitter taps AWS for its latest foray into the public cloud: TechCrunch
  • Stripe’s payments APIs: the first ten years: Stripe Blog
  • The ‘SolarWinds’ Hacks Show Supply Chain Attacks Are Business as Usual: VICE US
  • Uber Hikes Prices Anyway After Buying Law That Exploits Workers: VICE US
  • DHS Believes Our Reliance on GPS ‘Poses a Risk to National Security’: VICE US
  • Walmart will test driverless delivery trucks in Arkansas next year: Engadget
  • ‘Understanding ProRAW’ ↦: Six Colors
  • What would it take for new search engines to succeed?: Search Engine Land
  • Amazon’s $25 custom T-shirt service uses virtual body doubles: Engadget

💾 Software

  • Siri Can Now Play Animal Sounds: Daring Fireball
  • Periscope will shut down by March, Twitter confirms: TechCrunch
  • AWS introduces new Chaos Engineering as a Service offering: TechCrunch
  • AWS launches CloudShell, a web-based shell for command-line access to AWS: TechCrunch
  • Google will officially support running Chrome OS on old PCs: Engadget
  • Signal secure messaging app launches encrypted group video calls: Engadget

🌊 Drifts

  • Apple TV+ announces The Snoopy Show: The Loop
  • The 98 Year Old Prolific Toy Inventor Who Designed 800 of the World’s Most Iconic Toys and Games: Laughing Squid
  • Simple screenprinting using adhesive vinyl and a basic printing kit: Boing Boing
  • Pluralistic: 15 Dec 2020: Pluralistic

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