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🌎 Planet News

  • The Protest Restaurants of Hong Kong: VICE US
  • Mexico’s Government Got Millions After Deepwater Horizon. So Where Did All the Money Go?: VICE US
  • In the Philippines, a Dengue Vaccine Scandal Fuels Distrust Over COVID Inoculations: VICE US
  • Nearly eight million Americans have gone into poverty since June—the largest poverty level rise since tracking began 60 years ago.: The Morning News
  • America’s Nuclear Agency Has Been Hacked: VICE US
  • State-sponsored hackers have breached the US’ nuclear weapons agency: Engadget
  • Just how bad is that hack that hit US government agencies?: TechCrunch
  • US cyber-attack: Hack of government agencies and companies poses ‘grave risk’ - BBC News
  • Prosecutors say Trump’s Twitter was ‘hacked’ through simple password guess: Engadget
  • The Activist Who Keeps Exposing Environmental Racism in the U.S.: VICE US

🏪 Business

  • A road map to guide digital news startups: The Official Google Blog
  • Gawq wants to burst your ‘echo chamber’ with its smarter news app: TechCrunch
  • You can now securely submit tips to TechCrunch using SecureDrop: TechCrunch
  • From startups to Starbucks: The embedded API opportunity: TechCrunch
  • A more private web can help businesses grow: The Official Google Blog
  • Redesigning Search would harm American consumers and businesses: The Official Google Blog
  • 35 States Sue Google for Anticompetitive Conduct In Third U.S. Lawsuit: VICE US
  • Google hit with third antitrust lawsuit from 38 states and territories: Engadget
  • Google: Redesigning search would harm the internet: Engadget
  • Walmart will turn TikTok into its own home shopping network for one night: Engadget
  • Canoo targets last-mile delivery with its second electric vehicle: TechCrunch

🌳 Environment

  • An island-sized iceberg broke off from the Antarctic shelf and is headed straight for an important penguin sanctuary.: The Morning News
  • The Artist Who Is Reimagining Earth’s Natural Future: VICE US
  • Amazon just committed to reduce toxics from its food packaging. Which retailer will be next?: Main Feed - Environmental Defense

🚀 Space

  • NASA control panel lights up kids’ imaginations: Arduino Blog
  • SpaceX and its kick-ass, phenomenal, totally awesome 2020: Engadget
  • 30 years on, Hubble is still making dazzling discoveries: Engadget
  • NASA approves Blue Origin’s New Glenn for future uncrewed missions: Engadget
  • Watch SpaceX launch a U.S. spy satellite live and bring its booster back for a landing on terra firma: TechCrunch
  • Three different space launch companies – three very different approaches to solving for cost and efficiency: TechCrunch
  • Lockheed Martin’s Lisa Callahan on building a lunar lander collaboratively (and during COVID): TechCrunch

⚡️ Energy

  • Tiny Nuclear Reactors Are the Future of Energy: VICE US

📲 Tech

  • MIT researchers have built the most precise atomic clock to date: Engadget
  • YouTube-DL Dispute Helps Yout.com Enhance Lawsuit Against RIAA: TorrentFreak
  • Researchers Have Achieved Sustained Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation: VICE US
  • We must end the era of adjunct surveillance: TechCrunch

💾 Software

  • State of Drupal presentation (December 2020): Dries Buytaert
  • Twitter bots and memorialized users will become ‘new account types’ in 2021: TechCrunch
  • Twitter starts testing ‘Spaces’ for live audio chats: Engadget
  • Twitter launches its voice-based ‘Spaces’ social networking feature into beta testing: TechCrunch
  • Spotify adds a centralized hub to learn more about songwriters: TechCrunch
  • Spotify’s new songwriters section takes you behind the music: Engadget
  • Cloudflare Pages launches: Waxy.org
  • GitHub says goodbye to cookie banners: TechCrunch
  • OmniFocus for the Web Adds Quick Open: The Omni Group

🌊 Drifts

  • Scientists find two new species of fungi that turn flies into ‘zombies’: Boing Boing
  • Emoji Kitchen: Waxy.org
  • What’s Old is New: CSS-Tricks
  • Food Themed Purses That Look Good Enough to Eat: Laughing Squid
  • The 2020 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog - Defector
  • datarep:Countries by Word Count on Their Wikipedia…: Maps on the Web

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