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🎶 It’s the most original soft drink ever in the whole wide world. 🎶

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Dr Pepper Jingles

Dr Pepper Theme done by old time greats! - YouTube

I found this very therapeutic on a dreary Monday morning. STL breaks: Tina and Ike @ 29:00, Chuck Berry @ 44:00


How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism, a New Book by Cory Doctorow | OneZero

How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism, a New Book by Cory Doctorow | OneZero

The surveillance capitalism hypothesis — that Big Tech’s products really work as well as they say they do and that’s why everything is so screwed up — is way too easy on surveillance and even easier on capitalism. Companies spy because they believe their own BS, and companies spy because governments let them, and companies spy because any advantage from spying is so short-lived and minor that they have to do more and more of it just to stay in place.

As to why things are so screwed up? Capitalism. Specifically, the monopolism that creates inequality and the inequality that creates monopolism. It’s a form of capitalism that rewards sociopaths who destroy the real economy to inflate the bottom line, and they get away with it for the same reason companies get away with spying: because our governments are in thrall to both the ideology that says monopolies are actually just fine and in thrall to the ideology that says that in a monopolistic world, you’d better not piss off the monopolists.

Capturing the Police

Capturing the Police

Capturing the Police is a project from The Verge about how people use technology to bring awareness of police brutality and racism — and what it costs them when they agitate for justice. These are stories about how people use technology to bring awareness to their communities and reshape what it means to have justice in this country. But these are also stories of what people sacrifice to enact that change.


Do Deliveries Again?

Delivery Get a Sprinter, mod it to do deliveries and function as an RV. Take it off the taxes.

Apply to Frayt (Fountain) Frayt is a technology-based platform connecting shippers with available drivers to transport items for on-demand delivery. The platform provides a means to supplement your income using your own car, SUV, pickup truck, or cargo van. With this on-demand delivery app, we allow independent contractors to work for themselves on their own schedule.

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I’m putting restaurant/event news in a “blog” format on stlouist.com 🍽 STLduJour Looks like I’ll start the next one with the bad Guerrilla Streetfood News.

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