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Are the Red Light Cameras Back?

At the Streets Commission Meeting (36:00) Todd Waelterman, Director of Operations for the Mayor, let us in on the Red Light Camera "Exploration" going on.

He mentions an RFI.

There is a Request for Bids out for a Wide Area Network/ISP.

There are many addresses listed.

He also mentions that Missouri Law requires that you are able to match a face to a plate.

That would explain the super-expensive cameras in this contract.

I'm still not clear on whether the plate (now + face) is read at the camera or it's being parsed at the Real Time Crime Center.

The nerd in me would love to see the facility and how they are processing the info.

I think I'm pro red light cams if there was proper oversight and think it should go to a vote.

This could also be an opportunity to do some cool infrastructure work with a Municipal Internet or MESH.

Right. πŸ’©

PS. Asking for forgiveness vs. permission is not the proper way to run a government.


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