City of St. Louis Ward Reduction Advisory Committee

The role of the Ward Reduction Advisory Committee is to draft recommendations regarding the implementation of ward reduction. The essential question to be answered by this group is “What needs to change in order for a board of 14 aldermen to best serve their constituents and the city of St. Louis?”  Please see Resolution 12AA (Session 2018 - 2019) for the full text of the resolution authorizing this committee.

This advisory committee is being formed to explore and make recommendations regarding the implementation of ward reduction from 28 to 14 wards. This committee will look at how we govern with 14 wards, including responding to constituent services and legislating as a body of 14 instead of 28. This committee will not be drawing lines or otherwise engaged in the process of redistricting. To be considered, applications must be received by April 12 , 2019.

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