DiGregorio's Italian Market on the Hill Celebrates 50th Year in Business

DeGregorio’s Italian Market (5200 Daggett Avenue, 314-776-1062) is celebrating its 50th year in business with an outdoor party on June 12.

Located in the Hill neighborhood, DeGregorio’s specializes in bringing authentic Italian products and ingredients to Italian-American shoppers who are missing a taste of their home country.
For more than a half a century, the family-owned market has grown up along with the neighborhood, serving generations of local families and providing them with both hard-to-find ingredients and staples like farm-fresh tomatoes and a huge selection of cheeses.
The market sells more than just pantry products, though. In addition to pasta and canned goods, it also provides catering services and sells pre-made food items inside the market, like sandwiches, salads and even frozen pizzas.
This small market on the corner of Marconi Avenue and Daggett Avenue is as much of a community gathering spot for the neighborhood as St. Ambrose Catholic Church just down the block.
In celebration of DiGregorio’s golden anniversary, the store will be hosting an outdoor party with food samples, wine vendors and music.

For more information on the party, visit the Facebook page.…



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