Downtown St. Louis street lights are gradually going to get 'smarter'

Each fixture will be outfitted with computers through which the city could in coming years add features such as cameras, gunshot detectors, weather sensors and pedestrian counters.

“It’s expandable; this is relatively new,” said Ted Stegeman, the CEO of Hazelwood-based Labyrinth Smart Infrastructure, which custom-designed the apparatus for downtown St. Louis.

“It gives you the ability to add on as different technologies evolve. There’s an ability to communicate through streetlights to your (smart)phone.”

An example, he said, is the possibility of programming a walking tour of downtown through the lights.

Kelley said the current installation, costing about $1 million, will be funded mainly by Lodging Hospitality Management, which owns Union Station and the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark.

She said the Blues, Cardinals and Downtown STL’s community improvement district also are kicking in some money.


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