Editorial: Denver airport's nightmare offers warnings for proponents of Lambert's privatization

The St.Louis airport privatization process plows quietly forward like a rudderless ship without a captain. No amount of warning buoys or foghorns seems to alter this ship’s course, even though rocky shores are fast approaching.

Consider the big warning sign when Deputy Mayor of Development Linda Martinez acknowledged last month that the consultants conducting the study for the city about the merits and technicalities of privatization will not actually yield a study for public viewing, even though millions of taxpayer dollars could ultimately be spent for the work of those consultants. Consider the multiple times the city’s top leadership has tried to sidestep voters and the Board of Aldermen in their quest to deliver a privatization fait accompli. Big warning horns should have blared after then-Mayor Francis Slay promised a public vote as the city’s preferred option in his preliminary federal application — only for Mayor Lyda Krewson’s administration to dismiss Slay’s promise as a mere serving suggestion.


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