Final plans announced for Gravois upgrade in Bevo Mill neighborhood

“It’s a 20- or 30-year project, but it all starts tonight,” Douglas Farr told Bevo Mill area residents at a meeting Tuesday night at Oasis International, 5035 Gravois. “It gets our total thumbs-up.”

Farr, of Farr Associates, is part of a group of consultants who have spent the last several months studying ways to improve Gravois between Chippewa Street and Christy Avenue. In Tuesday’s closing public meeting of the process, he spent much of his time talking about the primary street corner of the strip, at Gravois and Morgan Ford Road.

The intersection is in the shape of a bow tie, so Farr called it the “Bow Tie” and said the area should promote that name.

The Bevo Mill, on the northern part of the Bow Tie, not long ago switched from a full-service restaurant to a venue for weddings and other events. Although the Bevo Mill is a legendary landmark, Farr said that was a good reason why the area should develop other notable landmarks as well.

It’s all part of a lengthy plan available online at It outlines numerous potential changes for things such as lighting, curbs and store windows and gives a timeline for local groups to make them.


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