Globe Drugs' Surprise Packages Are the Best Deal in St. Louis

Globe Drugs has been in business for 79 years and once had four stores, but today only the Soulard shop has remained. Its "Surprise Packages" cost $2.98 . Located at the end of an aisle in the middle of the store, a dozen or so of these sealed, gift-wrapped boxes fill a metal cart labeled “Globe’s Famous! Surprise Package.”

The packages are so popular that when we visited last week, a cashier warned us that if we wanted a large quanitity, we had to order in advance. And no, that's not just a hypothetical; last year, he said, they got an order for 250 boxes. While filling the order, the drug store's backroom resembled Santa’s workshop with employees spending almost a week wrapping the huge order of packages.


“The person who has everything doesn’t have what’s in this box,” Ceselski says.



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