Got thoughts on privatizing Lambert? Advisers begin outreach campaign in St. Louis

Metropolitan Strategies and Solutions, one of multiple firms the city hired to consult in June, has already issued polls and conducted focus groups. In September, it launched a “listening tour” of St. Louis, sending canvassers to all 28 wards with a goal of surveying at least 20,000 residents by December.

That’s just a starting point, said LeJuan Strickland of Metropolitan Strategies and Solutions.

Residents have also been encouraged to share their own thoughts directly with the Federal Aviation Administration online. Next month, the firm will begin scheduling meetings with community groups.

Alderman Annie Rice, 8th Ward, on Tuesday raised concerns that the materials given to residents left out important information, with canvassers asking residents if they feel the airport could be improved without getting into the details of how an outside group would come in and lease it.

“I think anybody would say of course, the airport could be better, yeah, let’s make it better. But under whose leadership, I think is really the question,” Rice said in a hearing of the Board of Aldermen’s transportation committee.


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