Group blasts survey of St. Louis residents on Lambert as pro-privatization

Metropolitan Strategies β€” one of the multiple companies hired to explore airport privatization β€” announced in early August that it planned to canvass 20,000 St. Louis residents door-to-door. At a meeting of the Airport Advisory Group on Tuesday, LeJuan Strickland said so far Metropolitan Strategies had knocked on 6,000 doors.

The group’s plan also called for conducting opinion polls and focus groups with St. Louis residents.

Alderwoman Cara Spencer, D-20th ward, is critical of the door-to-door campaign and its claims to solicit input from city residents.

β€œThe organization is eliciting input from the general public without really putting out a lot of information about what the privatization would or could look like,” she said. β€œAnd that’s something I think the general public is really begging to know.”


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