Ivy and Coney Owners Introduce Grassroots Delivery Platform DC To-GoGo

Fed up with the roughly 30 percent commissions third-party apps like Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats typically charge, the trio developed their own pick-up and delivery platform, DC To-GoGo. It aims to keep more money in the hands of bars and restaurants in search of reliable revenue streams.

Shaw Main Streets, a nonprofit commercial revitalization and historic preservation organization funded in part by the D.C. government, gave the bar owners a grant to get their hyper-local project off the ground. DC To-GoGo will slowly roll out this week with a slate of participating Shaw restaurants and bars. The founders will then look to expand to other parts of the District.

DC To-GoGo charges a nominal administrative fee of 5 to 15 percent per order. Initial revenue will go toward further app development and staff salaries, but once the client base expands and operating costs decrease, the founders say they'll redistribute profits to their bar and restaurant members, as well as charities benefitting the hospitality industry.

There are three tiers of membership, two of which will be available from the beginning. The first is for establishments that only want to offer pick-up. DC To-GoGo provides an online payment portal and the ability to schedule pick-ups, and takes 5 percent per transaction.

The second asks restaurants and bars to hire their own drivers to do delivery. DC To-GoGo's vision is for businesses to rehire their laid-off workers as couriers, though there currently isn't any funding to provide these employees with transportation if they don't already have it. Restaurants in this scenario set their own delivery radius. DC To-GoGo takes 10 percent per transaction.

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