Krab Kingz Seafood Brings Shellfish, Dripping with Butter, to St. Louis' West End


The restaurant has décor, but not a lot. One wall has fish nets hanging on it, with seashells spread among them. Another has small mirrors hanging from the kind of nautical rope you would use to tie your boat to the dock. The lighting is dim, but not to the point where it feels dark or romantic. Any notions of romance go out the window with the Bud Light-branded buckets on each table for your shells and the full roll of paper towels replacing napkins. Chill R&B songs played in the background, overshadowed by the excitement each employee projects about getting started.

Scott’s two franchises in the Kansas City area, the first two locations in Missouri, have both been successful. “But St. Louis is my home,” he says, explaining his excitement about this opening. He was eager to bring another restaurant to this area of St. Louis, and to bring on his business partners Jackson and Burnett. “We wanted to bring what we do well, which is seafood, to St. Louis.”


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