Krewson Supports Board of Freeholders Process in McPherson Interview

When Krewson spoke with McPherson via telephone on Thursday, she also confirmed she plans to run for re-election in 2021. A condensed version of the conversation follows.

McPherson: What’s the best way forward, now that Better Together is on hold? What should happen in terms of government consolidation?

Lyda Krewson: I’m still a supporter of consolidation, conceptually. Certainly there needs to be a process by which more people feel heard. With the Board of Freeholders process, if they get the signatures and they’re verified and all that, I have a certain length of time to appoint nine members to the board. Certainly, we would do that. We’d try to appoint nine very representative members from the city of St. Louis.

So would you actually support the Freeholders process? There are certain things you’re compelled to do [by the constitution], but there’s also what you yourself support. So I’m asking whether it would be correct to say that you support the process.

It would be accurate to say that I would support the process. When they go out and get those signatures, we owe it to [them] to take an authentic, serious approach to it.

If the Board of Freeholders, after holding their meetings and getting input from the public, comes back with a proposal for the city to re-enter St. Louis County, would you support that?

I’d have to see what that looks like, and what the totality of the proposal is.


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