Lambert privatization study is slow-moving as city waits to hear from airlines

Mayor Lyda Krewson said she understands that the decision on an RFQ could be made by the end of June or sometime in July. After the committee decides which companies are deemed qualified, it then will seek proposals from the rival firms.

“We’re still in conversations with the airlines,” the mayor said in an interview Tuesday. “There’s some fluidity.”

That was a reference to the airlines serving Lambert, which have hired a Florida-based consulting firm, AvAirPros, to help them to decide whether to agree to a privatization deal and what should be considered.

That firm is in addition to the team of consulting companies hired by the city to study the issue and advise the working group.

The airlines have veto power over privatization, with the airport’s dominant carrier, Southwest Airlines, holding the biggest airline voice.




Board Bills

Final Passage
BB 13 Airport Revenue Bonds
BB 29 Consent to Change in Ownership and Control Structure
BB 3 Davis
First Reading
BB 19 Airport Privatization Vote
First Reading
BB 93 An Ordinance requiring a City-wide vote to approve any proposal aimed at or having the effect of privatizing the Lambert St. Louis International Airport (the Airport)
Res 220

Transportation and Commerce Committee to Provide legislative oversight of City Exploration of the Federal Aviation Administration Airport