Meet the consultant who got Stenger elected, and why he’s still ‘proud’ he won

Yet some observers point out the same cast of professional politicos never seems too far from Show Me Victories clients. There’s Nancy Rice, who worked on Krewson’s campaign and is a senior member of Pelopidas, a consulting firm run by Sinquefield lobbyist Travis Brown that is heavily involved in discussions about privatizing St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Until this month, she led the stalled Better Together effort, and she would sometimes attend the meetings with Krewson at Kelley’s offices.

Jane Dueker, who was a political adviser to Stenger, lobbies for both the city and county police unions that benefited heavily from the two Proposition P votes. One of her legal clients was a politician Show Me Victories worked for: Penny Hubbard, a state representative unseated by activist Bruce Franks Jr. following an election fraud scandal.

And Lou Hamilton, a longtime local government lobbyist who counts Anheuser-Busch and the St. Louis Zoo Association as clients, also says in disclosure forms that he lobbies for the Kelley Group. Hamilton is close to Krewson and, after being spotted at one of the early airport privatization meetings last year, said some of his lobbying clients were interested in the process. Hamilton lists Sinquefield’s Great St. Louis and Better Together as lobbying clients.


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