Messenger: Top adviser on airport privatization faces questions for his work with the NRA

What McKenna has done for the $1.2 million Sinquefield has paid him is an open question.

In response to a Sunshine Law request for his invoices, the city referred me to the quarterly statements posted online by Grow Missouri Inc. which merely show the amounts paid to all of the Sinquefield consultants.

Asked for the actual invoices, the city’s Sunshine Law coordinator referred me to city attorney Michael Garvin. Garvin says the city doesn’t have McKenna’s invoices.

This is how Sinquefield and his minions in the Grow Missouri nonprofit designed the process. In the contract that all the consultants signed (which was written under Sinquefield’s supervision), this is what it says about invoices: “Grow shall have no responsibility for making any certifications to the City or any other party or providing any documentation to the City. Grow shall have no responsibility for the veracity or accuracy of any information provided by any Service Provider ...”


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