Metro Transit changing course due to low ridership, but some riders aren't on board

FERGUSON, Mo. β€” Thanks to low ridership, St. Louis' metro transit system is changing course.

This means they'll be getting rid of routes and adding some new ones.

Erica Brooks rides the 79 bus in Ferguson to get to work and to get her son to school and back. By fall of 2019, the bus she takes daily will be no more.

"This route right here, Suburban-Dade, it's like a jugular vein in your neck," Brooks said. "It's like somebody ripping your jugular vein out and saying 'ok, you'll get oxygen to your brain…. You'll be ok.'"

The change is a part of Metro Reimagined, a new transit plan meant to provide faster and more frequent service in the St. Louis metro region.

"I want Metro Reimagine to reimagine another plan," Brooks said.


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