Missouri Department of Natural Resources sells out to foreign factory farms

I’m an independent Missouri farmer and livestock producer, and JBS, the largest meatpacker in the world and a Brazilian corporation, is attempting to put a 10,500 head hog operation next to my community and the Poosey Conservation Area in Livingston County.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is in the process of giving Missourian’s water rights to industrial-sized Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, commonly called CAFOs, for use as sewers.

DNR is attempting to exclude “perched water” in the definition of groundwater.

Why? It’s because they found perched water on the site where they are trying to build the JBS hog operation, which is getting in the way of them getting their permit approved. Hundreds of people from my area, farmers and rural citizens, are completely opposed to this foreign controlled CAFO fouling our water and air and property rights. In many cases, for many of us the perched water table can be the only freshwater source of groundwater that is reasonably available.

We know how precious our groundwater is, especially in north Missouri.


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