Missouri Officials Eye Test Track For Super Fast Hyperloop Transit System

The report the panel put out on Monday acknowledged the St. Louis to Kansas City route would be a long-term objective, with a cost ranging from $7.3 billion to $10.4 billion. The certification track would cost up to $500 million.

“The National Certification Track would serve as the natural center for research and development of the technology and should be supported by a robust ecosystem of academic and industry partners led by the University of Missouri system,” the report states.

House Speaker Elijah Haahr, a Springfield Republican who formed the panel examining the Hyperloop, told reporters that the technology could supercharge economic development throughout the state — and create thousands of jobs.

“We’ve always sort of been on the cutting edge of this type of thing,” Haahr said. “And I think the Hyperloop is exactly that — it’s the next step in transportation and it’s the next place where we can sort of lead the country.”


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