Missouri voters shouldn’t decide St. Louis city-county merger

That’s ridiculous. Can we all agree that this is something for St. Louis area residents to decide, and not the rest of us?

After all, if Sinquefield, a multi-millionaire and a major GOP donor, and his pals can force consolidation in St. Louis, they can do it anywhere. Are you listening, Lee’s Summit and Independence? Prepare to lose your city hall to the Jackson County courthouse.

No. This state interference in a local matter is uninvited, unworkable, unfair and unnecessary.

Even worse, forced consolidation in St. Louis would seriously embolden the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do anti-urban crowd in Jefferson City.

Not that they need much encouragement. The state’s voters have already required St. Louis and Kansas City to put their earnings taxes on the ballot every five years. A lawmaker from Weldon Spring with too much time on his hands wants to end the cities’ earning taxes altogether.



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