MLS stadium will go north of Market Street, include practice fields near Union Station in expanded plan

Other than private stadium ownership, much of the financing plan remains the same: owners hope to impose three 1% sales taxes using special taxing districts, though aldermen have not yet approved one via an expanded St. Louis Port Authority footprint.

They are also expecting $30 million in state tax credits from the Missouri Development Finance Board for site preparation, and they plan to obtain a sales tax exemption on construction materials.

The ownership group, however, is now asking for a complete abatement of the cityโ€™s 5% amusement tax, since the stadium will be privately owned. Before, half was to be waived, with the unabated half going into a stadium upkeep and maintenance fund, intended to assuage concerns that city stadium ownership meant an unfunded future liability.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen would have to sign off on the measures.



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