Municipal League Opposes Statewide Vote on St. Louis City-County Unification. Here’s Why.

“If an organization is putting this to a statewide vote, it means they can’t sell it to the people it’s affecting,” Kelly told McPherson in an interview. “It’s not fair that somebody in Kansas City is going to be deciding on the kind of governmental structure I have to live under, when it doesn’t necessarily affect them.”

McPherson reported last week that Better Together, a nonprofit group backed by civic leaders and business executives including retired financier Rex Sinquefield, is working on a proposal for governmental consolidation that it hopes to unveil in January. While specifics of the proposal are still being developed, one leading possibility is that Better Together will put forward a concept for the unification of St. Louis city and county, according to people familiar with the process. Such a move that would transform local government and create a “new” St. Louis with 1.3 million people.

The people familiar with Better Together’s work said backers of a possible unification plan believe it would be easiest to win approval at the state level, which includes voters in Republican-dominated outstate counties, instead of facing voters only in Democrat-dominated St. Louis city and county.


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Transportation and Commerce Committee to Provide legislative oversight of City Exploration of the Federal Aviation Administration Airport


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