New Plan For City Workers At Lambert Released By Privatization Working Group

A new plan for civil service employees at St. Louis Lambert International Airport aims to alleviate fears about what will happen to jobs if the city leases the airport to a private operator.

The preliminary program, developed by the St. Louis Airport Advisory Working Group, lays out three options for the 550 city employees at the airport: They could stay on with a five-year job guarantee under the private operator, apply with preference for another city job or stay in their current position during a two-year transition period.

Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge and other members of the working group hosted several sessions Monday explaining the plan and taking questions from city employees.

During a meeting of the working group on Tuesday, she noted the sessions were attended by more than 150 employees, who had lots of questions.

“Some of the questions came out about, ‘Are you doing this because it’s a done deal?’ and we had to reiterate numerous times that, ‘No, we’re doing this so we can stop the bleeding at the airport of the employee attrition and also give them a comfort level that they wanted to stay in the jobs that they love every day,” Hamm-Niebruegge said.



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