Police Leverage Civilian Home Cameras as ‘Force Multiplier’

He said there was some hesitation, but the program is voluntary and in most cases an officer will ask the resident to view the video to see what was captured. Approximately 150 people registered as of Thursday.

“What we will do is let people know an incident has happened and ask if they can review the footage to see if the captured anything,” he said.

Images captured on doorbell and security cameras have been used in cases “as minor as a car breaking and as major as a homicide,” Tivin said.

Middletown Police Maj. David Birk said the department has been doing the same thing for a few months. To date, 63 cameras have been registered, according to Shelley Meehan, communication and records supervisor.

Birk said he is also looking to take the use of the innovative Ring cameras one step further for a surveillance of sorts.



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