Port Authority Expansion: What Happens If They Hire Their Own Staff?

The St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Transportation Committee will meet today and likely vote “Do Pass” on Committee Substitute for Board Bill 104 for St. Louis Port Authority Expansion.  The expansion would make it a citywide development agency and possibly give it substantial new revenue.

The Substitute is the byproduct of negotiations with aldermen concerned about giving the Port Authority expanded citywide powers for eminent domain, tax abatement, and new acquisition or lease of City property. The Port Authority currently only has powers over the City’s Mississippi Riverfront.

The Substitute says that the St. Louis Development Corporation employees who staff the Port Authority will get advance approval from the Board of Aldermen for eminent domain, tax abatement, and new acquisitions or leases of City property, before they bring said proposals to the Port Authority Commission.

The Substitute does not say that the Port Authority Commission will get approval from the Board of Aldermen for these potentially controversial items. It says the SLDC staff will get approval.



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