Questions about St. Louis Lambert International Airport privatization go unanswered

Several members of the city’s Transportation and Commerce Committee say they feel they have been kept in the dark when it comes to details on the Airport Working Group’s progress.

Two members of the group attended the Transportation and Commerce Committee meeting in City Hall today to deliver an update on the work completed so far by the large cadre of consultants who launched the airport privatization exploration process in August 2018.

The city’s budget director and chair of the Airport Working Group, Paul Payne, presented a two-page document that contained bullet-pointed summaries of tasks completed or to be completed by various “work streams."

“We’ve been left in the dark,” said John Collins-Muhammad, D-21st Ward. “This update is the most confusing document in the world.”

Payne said he had presented the same document at a meeting in November to the combined working group and consultants.

“These sheets they gave us were so vague,” said Joe Vaccaro, D-23rd ward. “It’s like giving a headline to a story, without doing the story.”



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