Reed introduces bills to add money for Cure Violence, body camera funding

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed on Friday introduced legislation to spend an additional $8 million on a new violence prevention program and $3.5 million on outfitting city police with body cameras.

Both allocations, if approved by aldermen and the city Board of Estimate and Apportionment, would come from a $23 million city budget surplus.

Reed said the $8 million for the Cure Violence program is aimed at doing something different to try to deal with the city’s ongoing problem with violent crime.

“If we want to see something different, we’re going to have to do something different,” he said in an interview. “We owe it to everyone who lives in this city (and) who works in this city. We owe it to all the kids that had to be buried this summer.”

Under Cure Violence programs used in some other cities, local residents are trained in crisis intervention and are sent out to try to get people at high risk of violence from carrying out shootings before they occur.


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