Renewed effort to regulate surveillance cameras gets underway at St. Louis City Hall

A renewed effort by civil liberties advocates to enact more controls on the use of street cameras and other surveillance technology by city government was launched Tuesday at an aldermanic hearing.

Like previous bills that didn’t pass in the last two years, the measure would require police and other city agencies to present detailed plans to the Board of Aldermen outlining the use and funding of such equipment.

The measure, sponsored by Alderman John Collins-Muhammad, D-21st Ward, would require agencies to outline in advance the geographic area to be covered, partnerships planned with other organizations and measures to be used to avoid any bias in data collection and targeting. Aldermanic approval would be required.


Collins-Muhammad held off asking for a committee vote on the bill to allow more work on it. Gaskill-Clemons said he plans within 30 days to complete a proposed administrative policy on the same issue. That was due last month under an aldermanic resolution passed earlier this year.


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