Ring sued over claims the company failed to deliver on security

Orange claims that after purchasing a Ring camera for $249 in July, the camera was accessed with people unknown speaking to his children. “Recently, Mr. Orange’s children were playing basketball when a voice came on through the camera’s two-way speaker system,” the suit claims. “An unknown person engaged with Mr. Orange’s children, commenting on their basketball play and encouraging them to get closer to the camera.”

The lawsuit follows a report in December of similar cases involving Ring users having their cameras hacked and children being spoken to or harassed. The cases are notable as, at least given the evidence at hand, the cameras were being accessed for “lulz” – internet laughs.

One group going by the named of NulledCast were, at least at one stage, doing live-streamed shows where they’d targeted Ring camera owners live to see what sort of reaction they could get out of them.


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