Shaw Neighborhood group launches a pilot private camera registration initiative

Neighbors helping neighbors fight crime. Some people living in the Shaw Neighborhood are finding high-tech ways using private cameras to keep each other safe.

Dan Powell, president of the Shaw Neighborhood Ownership Model is the brainchild behind the private camera ownership initiative that encourages residents who have surveillance cameras to voluntarily register their technology on to an online portal.

It’s a new idea that Powell believes no other neighborhood currently has.

β€œIt’s a one-stop spot to go to,” explained Powell, β€œso neighbors can actually find out if something happens. Say they had a car broken into, or someone tried to break into their house, they can come to our website and see what blocks are being covered and we can say, β€˜Hey this block has camera coverage,’ and we can be the middle man for whoever has the camera and say, β€˜We are looking for this footage around these times can you provide it?’”



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