Skepticism reigns at Better Together's second town hall

ST. LOUIS • Better Together faced a mostly skeptical crowd Thursday at the group’s second town hall meeting since publicly announcing a broad plan to consolidate the governments of St. Louis, St. Louis County and all 88 county municipalities.  

Some of the more than 100 people at the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenter’s Regional Council hall in south St. Louis made clear that they were opposed to the plan, which was criticized in large part for a lack of financial details, its failure to address education and its requirement of a statewide vote.

Others expressed concern about the plan to designate County Executive Steve Stenger become the new metro city’s unelected first mayor.

More than a dozen people lined up to question Better Together Deputy Director Marius Johnson-Malone on the plan’s details, with some attendees heckling Malone as he responded.


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