Spotlight: 'Ghetto Sauce' gets a new name to land in big grocery store

It didn’t start out to be a business, just an appetizing pastime for Freddie Lee James Jr., a way for him to relax on weekends after working all week as a laborer for Interface Construction Co.

But after a while, with an increasing number of friends and neighbors pitching money into James’ cooking pot, ”Freddie Lee’s Ghetto Sauce” was born.

“All my friends wanted some, so they’d ante up with some money,” James said. “When I was done making a big batch, they come over with their pickle jars and whatnot and get their fair share.”

James, 61, is a proud graduate of Beaumont High. He lives in the Greater Ville neighborhood in the same house where James came up with the barbecue sauce’s unique brand name.


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