'St. Louis Blues Society Presents 18 in 18' disc, featuring local blues and soul artists, available this week

The goal is to capture local artists who play live but who don't have a deep recorded catalog.

For the past half-decade and change, the St. Louis Blues Society has been on a certain, specific mission. While there’s nothing simple or easy to this job, there is, let’s call it, a “direct” nature to the work. It’s split into a few sub-tasks: Get as many St. Louis blues/soul artists into the studio as possible; then release their work on an annual CD; and then, with luck and pluck, continue to widen the brand of St. Louis' music community.

The organization’s latest release, St. Louis Blues Society Presents 18 in 18, is available this week, with physical sales at long-standing, supportive record stores like Euclid Records and Vintage Vinyl. And this time out, there’ll be a stronger push toward online sales, via various streaming/sales platforms, some of those efforts coming online within the next few days. As with past releases, the songs were recorded pretty much exclusively at Blue Lotus Recordings, where owner and engineer Paul Niehaus IV worked his magic on the tracks.


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