St. Louis County mayors plan to propose their own city-county reorganization

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • Area mayors and elected officials have formed a plan to thwart the forced consolidation of municipal governments and keep the fate of the region in the hands of local residents.

The board of directors of the Municipal League of Metro St. Louis expects to ask its members on Thursday night to support an alternative proposal, one that could merge the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County but avoid municipal consolidations — or even do nothing at all.

“We don’t have any predetermined outcomes,” said Municipal League Executive Director Pat Kelly.

The plan, if approved, would direct the Municipal League and its partners to gather about 20,000 voter signatures and force St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger to appoint a special board, called a Board of Freeholders, authorized by the Missouri Constitution to plan for a city and county reorganization.

Ultimately, Kelly said, the Freeholders could meet for 12 months and make no recommendation.


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