St. Louis officers skipped burglary call before fatal shooting of off-duty colleague, sources say

Tracking officers

Hayden said at a news conference a week after the shooting that he had instructed supervisors to check on the whereabouts of city officers hourly by calling them on their radios.

But that would not appear to stop officers from lying about their location. Police spokeswoman Michelle Woodling said supervisors and dispatchers can check the locations of officers using satellite GPS technology built into laptops in their cars.

But most of the department’s estimated 285 laptops are outdated and may experience technical issues, she said. The department has replaced more than 40 laptops with newer versions.

Hayden said after the shooting that the department had not determined whether the laptop in the police SUV Hendren and Riordan were using was equipped with GPS. Woodling has declined to answers questions about their laptop’s GPS capability, saying it is “part of the investigation.”

Several of Hendren’s neighbors said they had not seen the police SUV parked outside Hendren’s home before the night of the shooting.



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