St. Louis residency requirement is a bad idea, county councilman says, so he's proposing the same thing

St. Louis County Councilman Tim Fitch is proposing that the county forbid its new employees from living in the city of St. Louis, saying it's only fair because the city forces county residents interested in working for the city to move there.

"They're wrong of course for having a residency requirement at all, but if they're going to force St. Louis County residents who want to work for the city to live there, then St. Louis County should consider the same thing," Fitch said. "Their arguments as to why it's good for the city are the same arguments I would have as to why it's good for the county."

Fitch asked the county counselor Wednesday to begin drafting an ordinance that the county council could consider that would require St. Louis city residents who get hired for St. Louis County government jobs to move to the county within six months of their hire.

"I have a problem with the city telling county residents that they have to live in the city," Fitch said.


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